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Recreational marijuana is not available yet in NY. If you qualify, get a card now!!
Avoid the extra tax once recreational does become available.

New Patient: $149 | Renewal: $129 | Existing patient renewal: $99

Appointments via telemedicine.
Call or email if desire same day. Otherwise, please click above to make appointment.

Recent Reviews

  • Best doctors ever! Efficient and knowledgeable, highly recommend!!!

    Danielle Markert

    All that needs to be said, is these are great Doctors and people. Very helpful, kind, and understanding.

    Jamie B

    I had a lovely experience! Everything was very punctual and efficient and most importantly, the care was highly sensitive, respectful, and compassionate.

    James C
  • Five Stars! ⭐️
    User friendly and immensely helpful! I got my Med MJ card the same day!!
    At first I was hesitant to do this online, so I called…
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    Blue Calm Doctors are the best! So attentive to my needs and many virtual appointment slots available. I highly recommend them.


    Hi, my name is Stefanie. If your thinking about obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card these are the Doctors to see. I Highly Recommend Blue Calm Doctors. From the time I… read more


These two doctors are wonderful! Not only are they accommodating but they even went over and above that! I am a computer dinosaur and both called me many times at home. Miraculously figuring …

Grace Amann

Very helpful. I highly recommend Blue Calm Doctors. I was seen by Dr. Siderias and he was informative and made sure I understood what he explained to me.

Kris Zuba

Dr. Shallat was extremely helpful in the entire process, and addressed all concerns quickly and effectively. I will be recommending to friends/family.

Jen Arriaza

I met with Dr. Shallat, and he was very comforting and easy to work with in understanding my pain. They will help you any way they can. I am recommending anyone who suffers from what I’ve been suffering from for years to this doctor.

Adam Borrero

These guys are AMAZING! I saw Dr. Siderias and I was so skeptical but u dont pay a penny until he knows for sure ur gonna be approved then u get ur certification through email immediately and then u can go right to the dispensary and theyll print ur temporary card for you! Im telling u these guys are legit i was so worried i was losing my money to an internet scam but im here to tell u this is legit and its the cheapest way to get a certification around and u can do it all from ur living room. Dr. Siderias even squeezed me in early enough that i could go to the dispensary THAT DAY!!!!!

Katrina Weidler

It was a super easy process to sign up and see the doctors, I spoke with one on the phone before applying and the other during my appointment. Both of them were extremely helpful, and spoke with me in length about my reason for applying. 10/10 would recommend.

Connor Ward

This was a fast easy, yet professional experience. I highly recommend to anyone that is eligible. Dr. Siderias went way above and beyond to help process my license and certificate.

Sam Murphy

Blue Calm Doctors should get 10 STARS! At first I was hesitant to do this online, so I called and spoke to Dr. Shallat first. Online registration & payment were so simple. I booked my virtual appointment for the next day. Dr. Shallat was wonderful and reassuring. I was approved immediately and had my temporary card the same day. I highly recommend!

georgia christenson

Great experience, highly recommended! Appointment was easy and efficiently set up with very kind and understanding doctors!

Michael Vigliotti

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