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Recreational marijuana is not available yet in NY. If you qualify, get a card now!! Avoid the extra tax once recreational does become available.

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Appointments viaTelemedicine

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Why You Should Get a Nassau County Medical Card Online

Do you suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder? Have you been diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, or cancer? If you are a patient with any of the aforementioned conditions – or any other chronic or acute ailments – and you’re looking for a safe, effective, and natural remedy that doesn’t involve petroleum-based pharmaceuticals, medical marijuana could be the solution that you are looking for. Not only has marijuana been proven to offer powerful medicinal benefits for a myriad of ailments, but it’s safe and non-habit forming. If you live in Nassau County, you may be eligible for a Upper Brookville, NY medical card for marijuana.

The board-certified emergency physicians at Blue Calm Doctors are licensed to perform evaluations and issue recommendations for medical marijuana in Nassau County. We are strong advocates for medicinal marijuana and have seen, first-hand, the benefits that it can provide. If you’re interested in exploring cannabis as a treatment option, contact us today to schedule a quick, convenient, safe, and confidential appointment for a consultation and an evaluation.

Why You Should Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Cannabis has taken the world of medicine by storm in recent years. Countless studies have reaffirmed the numerous benefits that it provides for a long list of ailments, and 35 states have implemented medicinal marijuana for patients across the United States, including New York. That means that if you live in Nassau County, you can legally purchase and use cannabis for medicinal purposes; however, doing so isn’t as simple as walking into a dispensary and grabbing what you’d like. You’ll need to have a valid Upper Brookville, NY medical card, and in order to do that you’ll have to have an evaluation and receive an approval and certification for a medical marijuana card.

Unfortunately, not all patients are capable of physically accessing a doctor. They may suffer from a condition that limits your mobility, you may not have access to reliable transportation, or you might work odd hours, for example. If you are interested in securing a Upper Brookville, NY medical card for marijuana and you are unable to get to a Nassau County doctor for any reason, fortunately, there is a simple solution. Thanks to the advent of technology, many health care providers now offer evaluations, recommendations, and certifications for medical marijuana cards online.

If you’re interested in finding out about getting a medical marijuana card online, including the benefits and how the process works, read on to learn more.

How It Works

Getting a medical marijuana card online may seem like a complex task, but in reality, it’s actually pretty simple. In order to purchase and use marijuana medicinally in Nassau County, you will need to have a prescription. Like any other prescription medication, you will need to have a certified doctor evaluate your health and recommend the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. If the doctor confirms that medical marijuana would be a beneficial treatment for you, he or she will provide you with a signed letter of recommendation. In order to receive an online medical marijuana card, you will need to make an appointment with a Nassau County doctor that offers telemedicine (online) appointments.

  • Submit a questionnaire. Once you find a doctor that offers medical marijuana cards online, you will first need to fill out a confidential questionnaire. The questions vary from physician to physician but will pertain to your health, such as whether or not you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, what type of symptoms you are experiencing, and other pertinent personal details. To reiterate, the questionnaire will be completely confidential, and once you sign and submit it, a board-certified doctor will review the information and will contact you to schedule a consultation.
  • Consultation. The next phase in the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card online in Nassau County involves having an online consultation with your doctor. Together, you and the physician will review the information you provided on the questionnaire you completed. He or she may ask additional questions, and you will be encouraged to ask questions, too. Once the consultation is complete, the practitioner will assess the details that were compiled to determine whether or not medical marijuana would be a beneficial treatment for you.
  • Recommendation. If the doctor determines that you are a good candidate for a Upper Brookville, NY medical card for marijuana, he or she will issue you a signed letter of recommendation, which will be delivered directly to your email for immediate availability. A hard copy of the signed recommendation will also be sent directly to the Nassau County address that you provided.
  • Application. Once you have received a recommendation signed by your physician, the final step in the process of securing a medical marijuana card online is submitting an application with the State of New York. Your physician will provide you with more detailed information regarding the application process, but generally, it includes sending in a signed letter of recommendation and an initial NYS Medical Marijuana Card fee, which costs $149 for the first year, and a $99 renewal fee for each subsequent fee.

Why Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online?

So, why should you get a medical marijuana card online? There are several benefits that are associated with securing a Upper Brookville, NY medical card for cannabis use online. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Simplicity. It goes without saying that one of the most notable benefits of getting a medical marijuana card online is the simplicity that it offers. You won’t have to worry about getting to a Nassau County doctor’s office for an in-person appointment, which means that there’s no need to deal with rearranging schedules and if you don’t have reliable transportation, making arrangements to actually get there.
  • Speed. Another definite advantage of getting a medical marijuana card online is the rate of speed at which you will be able to get it. A reputable doctor that offers online appointments for Upper Brookville, NY medical cards will immediately issue a signed recommendation for medical cannabis use directly to your email inbox and will send a hard copy to your Nassau County mailing address, too.
  • Peace of mind. Last and certainly not least, when you choose to get a medical card online, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind. Since you won’t have to contend with rearranging schedules and figuring out how to get to a physician’s office, and since you will be able to instantly access your signed recommendation, getting your Upper Brookville, NY medical card for cannabis use online will certainly offer you peace of mind; something everyone could certainly use a lot more of these days.

Schedule a Consultation for a Medical Marijuana Card Online in Nassau County Today!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits that securing a Upper Brookville, NY medical card online provides, contact Blue Calm Doctors. Our board-certified emergency physicians have more than 20 years of experience and offer quick, convenient, and confidential online consultations, evaluations, and recommendations for medical marijuana. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 631-621-8693 or visit us online at

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The team at Blue Calm DoctorsMeet The Team

If you have been considering getting registered with the medical marijuana program, the time to act is now. In recent times, the Department of Health has enabled registered practitioners, such as Blue Calm Doctors, to Quickly evaluate patients and provide them with Certificates and Cards that allows them to purchase in NYS same day! Obtaining your medical marijuana card in the mail has become an easy and streamlined process. But do you qualify?

The team at Blue Calm Doctors has been in practice for over twenty years. In recent times they have become designated caregivers to those who seek help by using medical marijuana. Blue Calm Doctors has been working with patients on Long Island, NY to determine if they meet the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. If you would like to join our list of certified patients, it is very simple.

To see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card on Long Island, NY, all you have to do is sign up and create an account. If you have underlying conditions such as depression, anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, or Parkinson’s disease, you may be a strong candidate. Please sign up for a medical marijuana card here to see if you qualify. Here you will find instructions on how to register, and what the next steps will be.

If you have any questions about qualifying for a medical marijuana card on Long Island, NY, please call us today!

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