The Entourage Effect CBD vs THC

We have all heard a lot about THC over the years and now CBD since now sold everywhere. Research has shown that taking them together is much more effective then taking them alone. This is due to an interaction between the two called ‘the entourage effect”. This effect is due to the fact that all the compounds in cannabis work synergistically to produce a better effect.

People often talk about the unwanted effects of THC aka psychoactive effects. Feeling drowsy, feeling “High”, etc. CBD helps to reduce those unwanted effects. Over the years when Marijuana was illegal, suppliers would genetically alter the strains of THC to have the highest THC content available, this would give people the psychoactive effects they desired. Now that we have found the tremendous use for Chronic pain use, Cancer pain use, GI use, Stress reduction, etc people no longer want that “high” feeling but want to feel better and live their lives pain free and symptom free.

What ratio of THC to CBD is best?

As alluded to above THC is more sedating. CBD on the other hand is more anti-inflammatory. So depending on your condition you along with your doctors and dispensary near you, can figure out what works best for your particular problem. My mantra along with others is “Start low, go slow”. You want to start at a dosage where you feel minimal benefits and no side effects, then slowly increase to the desired effects.

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